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Just be who tf you are, unapologetically!

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

My daddy always told me that wherever I am, I belong. For a long time I didn’t know what he meant but stepping into my womanhood [and purpose] has provided clarity to this notion. Growing up poor and a shy kid, I have always been a self proclaimed introvert. I’m an observer, an achiever but not necessarily always a leader. This was a testament to the anxiety I felt with being heard and sometimes vulnerable outside of myself. I often second guessed my voice and what I had to offer to group projects, class discussions, and most recently, my career and professional world. I was never the cool kid or the chick every girl wanted to be in high school but I took care of my shit. I excelled academically and was intentional about being kind to people. 3 degrees later I am a professional therapist about to start and run the shit out of my own practice. Do you get what I’m saying here? My daddy’s notion speaks volumes to me today. Where I have come to be today, I deserve that shit plus more. I realize now that 3 things helped me manifest my reality and helped me build the confidence to know that I belong where the fuck I am:

1. Remember where you came from and the steps you demolished to get you where you are. These steps can be in the form of trials, tribulations, fucked up relationships/friendships etc. but my friend, these are gems the universe provided you to prepare you for your greater good. They were uniquely designed to speak to your competence and why you deserve where you want to go just as much [sometimes even more] as the next person. You have to go through shit to know shit. Sis, you’re not the only one whose dealt with adversity.

2. Own who the fuck you are! At this point, inclusivity, although implied by our bullshit governing authorities (that’s another conversation) to be enforced, we all know that informally, it’s not. So with your plump lips, sensual and intimidating curves, your outside-of- the-norm interests, vivacious sexuality, whatever it is that makes you you, live that shit out loud and disregard anyone who tells you otherwise! Be unapologetically YOU!

3. Because....why the fuck not? If you don’t go after your dreams, start that business, build that brand, go for the promotion, just all around be great, then someone else will. Why would you allow an opportunity (opportunity given or one that your created lovingly for yourself) to be genuinely happy and content with your existence pass you by? Your life [and happiness] matter so go out there and be great wherever it is you belong!

So shine light onto your beautiful gift and stand [out] where you belong because baaabbbyyyy, YOU BELONG! and to the naysayers, FUCKEM!

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